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Big in France.


I’m falling for a girl, and she told me to go ahead and fall.

The Engineer Revealed

Went to cook dinner tonight and I realized I didn’t have any aluminum foil. Rather than be hungry, I came up with a solution. My food was goddamn delicious.

Why The New Apartment Also Owns

Last Result: Download Speed: 34114 kbps (4264.3 KB/sec transfer rate) The power of speed. :D

So, just curious…

Is anyone else watching the UEFA Euro 2008 soccer games?  I’ve been watching a game every morning before class.  Very solid soccer, if you’re a fan.  Makes we want to play again. :(

I found a cool thing! :o

I did not know this, tried it randomly, you can Ctrl+Click objects in the taskbar on Vista and modify them as a group (for purposes of cascading, tiling, closing, etc.) Neat.

Ah hell…

I couldn’t get away from it for too long, I’m GMing on a certain private WoW server again. If that’s your kind of thing holler at me on AIM and I can give you some more information.

Some Photoshoppery (Signatures)

So I made some signatures for a forum I frequent, the standard size is 450×350 (weird eh?) so I came up with about 9 last night. 10 signatures can be found in the More section (56k beware, probably NSFW).

Dear Paul Pierce,

You are a freaking animal.  Best of luck to you sir. Go Celtics.

Small Victories

The first result of Aramis Havana in Google is my review, hosted on Basenotes.net.  And that’s pretty sweet considering how long it’s been up (not very).

Caesars Man: Nuclear Freaking Deathbomb

Ah, Caesars Man.  You were almost my first online purchase, almost.  Especially at $11 for a big ol’ 4.0 oz bottle.  And in your immediate defense, you don’t sound all that bad, with notes of Lime, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Amber, and Musk.  Imagine my joy when I spot you at the local TJ Maxx.  $9.99 for […]

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I've got far too many blogs, but this is the one closest to a diary. I choose to publish it to the public to hopefully reassure people that their struggles are normal and not even all that uncommon.


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