The End Of An Error (not you, GWB)

Today, 7/7 represents a milestone day for me.  A day that I’ve promised myself to stop being…a fatass.  I’m giving myself 8 weeks, to the end of August, to drop from an overweight 150 to an intermediate goal of 135.  With the benefits of a nice scale comes the ability to track other things like Body Fat, Muscle Mass, and more.  I’m counting calories, limiting myself to 1800 daily, and I’m trying to decide the best balance of carbs, protein, and fat for me and my lifestyle.

So, here goes nothing.

Today (Next Target 7/13) (Final Goal 8/31)
Weight: 149.4 lbs (147.5 lbs) (134.2 lbs)
Body Fat Percentage: 17.8% (17.4%) (14.6%)
Muscle Mass Percentage: 44.7% (45.0%) (47.1%)