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Twelve Twenty Five Oh Nine Nine Twenty Four

Something to consider, and be honest with yourself: How often does the image that you project to those around you match up with who you feel you really are?  Do you feel uncomfortable with exploring this line of thought, knowing that it’s more often than not?  Do you wish you could drop this second character […]

Armani Code – Not Just For Everybody

I’ve written previously that the mainstream community, by and large, has awful taste, a message that I can reinforce by pointing out consistently high sales of fresh aquatic after fresh aquatic after fresh, bored-to-tears, are-we-there-yet aquatic.  Every now and then, though, we can find something that bucks the trend and Armani Code is the best […]

Not a Dead Guy.

Some long awaited common sense with regards to fixing the blog has been dispensed by Mike at the Dreamhost support center so this is the first post in rather a while, isn’t it?

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I've got far too many blogs, but this is the one closest to a diary. I choose to publish it to the public to hopefully reassure people that their struggles are normal and not even all that uncommon.


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