RL Romance Silver – Flashbacks

Unfortunately, readers, this is one of those fragrances I just won’t be able to be objective or unbiased on.  My history with Romance Silver goes back several years and across oceans and nations.  It was my first designer fragrance, or at least what I’d consider designer now; prior to that if memory serves I was wearing Avatar by Coty, which I’ve only ever seen at Wal-Marts.  That said, you may come across with an idea as to what it’s like, yet.

Romance Silver starts out with a very well-done suede note, one of the first good attempts at suede in the business.  For those that aren’t familiar with the smell of suede, it’s probably because it’s more or less an invention by perfumers.  It’s a spicy note that has both ozonic and woody elements.  So it’s a slightly different take on your traditional fresh scent, and when combined with the other notes in the composition Romance Silver is unarguably masculine.  There are some wild, fruity elements to it as well, but on the whole the composition is rather tight, it’s tough to pick out individual notes.

The scent is linear, no progression to speak of in my experiences with it.  Projection is weak, but I’ve received a few compliments with it.  Longevity is outstanding, it stays on clothes for a long, long time.  As in days/weeks.  On skin I still get a good 8 hours.

Knowing what I know and have tried now, would I recommend it to myself?  I honestly don’t know, and that’s why I’m withholding a recommendation either way, except as always that one should try it if one sees it.  I mean, it is in my top 3 of the 2003 releases, below Un Jardin En Mediterranee and Gucci Pour Homme but above Burberry Brit (not including Rive Gauche or Versace Man as I haven’t tried them).

Personally, just because of the nostalgia factor it has with me, of being 17 in Bermuda, I’ll probably always keep a bottle in my wardrobe, especially when (albeit leaky) 100mL bottles can be found at TJ Maxx for 30 bucks.

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