Sounding The All Clear

Google has de-quarantined the site, and all should be well again.  Despite it, you should be watching for updates not on here, but on my newly relaunched  Gonna try to come up with some new ideas, and I do have another long-term project in brainstorming right now, and I’ll try and work on it when I’ve got a little money.

Live From The Bunker

I’m working with my guys at Dreamhost to resolve the recent attack and clean up all affected sites. For now if you see the Google warning, don’t visit as I’ll have them check it when we’re finished with cleanup.

You may be wondering, then, why I’m writing this if nobody is supposed to see it for a while. This one’s for those of you that receive me via Facebook, as that shouldn’t be affected at all.

More updates when I’ve got news.