I thought I was following @BestBuyPaducah

Alright, I need to address this if I’m going to be posting on that particular Twitter account again. If you’re receiving this blog post via Facebook you’re more than welcome to ignore it. So from August last year to January this year you’ve been reading the Twitter feed from BestBuyPaducah, which has been my endeavor to get my workplace a bit more presence on the web while also being personable, relatable and generally a store you don’t mind reading about on Twitter. Several months ago I was told that Twitter was going to be made a mandatory thing for stores in my district (an area from around Cape Girardeau in the north to Nashville in the south). I’d been posting essentially because I wanted to, no pay, just for fun. With it being mandatory, it also became something that another department would handle, for hourly pay. This didn’t sit well with me for reasons I believe you can understand. After much arguing and being threatened with legal action and my job (you’re a great group of folks but a Twitter account isn’t worth my job), I caved and changed the name and let them do what they want with the BestBuyPaducah name.

So, let’s get some things straight:

I’m not a manager, I can’t do discounts via Twitter, promotions, or any of that stuff, and I won’t be involved with it if/when the time comes.

The opinions you see on the renamed account, DanielBBPaducah, are obviously mine and may not (and probably don’t) reflect on the opinions of Best Buy as a company. This is the same logic that applies to my opinions working on the floor, i.e., just because I think Canon makes the best digital camera on the market doesn’t mean corporate agrees.

I really like helping customers, it’s why I do what I do and why I choose to extend that into Twitter. Please, if I can answer questions, ask them.

My future participation in Twelpforce, if I do choose to work on that again, will be limited to on-the-clock hours, no more late night assistance, sorry.

That’s the big stuff. It’s not all bad, the fact that I’m not speaking for the store means that I can make my opinions a bit more obvious, and to me that means that I can help you a bit more efficiently (if a product is bad I don’t have to act like it isn’t). I’ve had a few too many urges to post recently so that’s why I’m getting back into it, so if you have tech questions or Paducah questions I’m keeping an eye on it once again. For those of you that were in the know as to the situtation, your support has probably been the one thing that’s kept me going at work, so thanks sincerely.