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Trawling the stream of consciousness.

How long will I stare at a blank page before I’m compelled to fill it with the overflow of an overactive imagination? It’s like some bizarre test of patience, a test of faith, that the gods of overstimulation by television and a city of millions will drop a complete poem in my lap as if […]

Tales From Skyrim, Vol. 1: Farilon’s First Day

17th Last Seed, 4E 201: My name is Farilon, and I’ve just arrived in Skyrim’s port city of Solitude, having departed from Sunhold on Summerset Isle. I am determined to outdo my jackass of a cousin, Lathenil, who you probably know as the author of the Rising Threat series. Truth be told, he is a […]

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I've got far too many blogs, but this is the one closest to a diary. I choose to publish it to the public to hopefully reassure people that their struggles are normal and not even all that uncommon.


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