I made the mistake of making this page and forgetting about it, around 9 years ago. No, I’m not still hawking shitty printers and going to junior college.

I’m not going to fill this with those sorts of temporary details, but instead point out where you might know me from.

I ran a blog called thelegendofmax.com around 2003 that was unreasonably popular in the DDR community. I was a regular poster on KYDDR as bluesoul which is a nickname I’ve been using in some form since the 90s and is the same in the communities below. Someone bought the domain in 2007 because the credit card on file expired and those assholes have sat on the name ever since. It’s around in spirit and looks on thelegendofmax.net but it’s dead. We had a radio show that was pretty rad.

I was big into Magic: the Gathering and active on MTGSalvation, which got me into Mafia which I played on The Grey Labyrinth (RIP), MTGS, MafiaScum, and later my own forum at wifom.net which went over well enough that someone else bought the domain and used it for the same purpose, and it remains used for Mafia today (which is 3/16/2016).

I was a volunteer GM on a private WoW server called Shoupz WoW. Met a lot of cool people and also did some badass radio there too. In that time, I set up a site called level-up.com which had noble aspirations, uniting gamers by their competitive and cooperative nature for charity. I lost the domain on some company drama (I was working for a domain registrar at the time) and now it’s owned by some fucking startup.

I got very involved in the fragrance industry and community, becoming something of a power user on Basenotes.net where I also ran annual March Madness tournaments there. I moderated a few forums there briefly.

As an IT guy I became very involved in fighting ransomware and worked with Bleeping Computer and Dell SecureWorks to come up with some software restriction policies to kill CryptoLocker I back in late 2013. They’re not enough nowadays but they’re still worth applying.

I made a mashup for a remix contest for Strange Famous Records. Sage Francis liked it enough to put it on his Sick to D(eat)h mixtape. You can check it out here.

I’m operational staff for The SCP Wiki, which is a collaborative writing site. I’m bluesoul on the chat and pxdnbluesoul on the wiki proper.

I’m a regular poster on reddit, particularly in the /r/sysadmin and /r/nba communities.

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