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Big in France.

604 Days Later

Write something. There’s been no lack of time, opportunity, or content. And yet this is feeling like an immense struggle. I’m having to really pull the words out from myself. My dad used to read this, it was the way he followed along with what was going on in my life. Learning that he was […]

High-Speed Rustbucket

It’s a thoroughly nasty rain/mist/drizzle combo outside, a weather pattern more suited to Kentucky teenage depression in October than April in the desert. The music shuffle today has given an equally somber song to set the mood. We’ve made it about 10 miles north and it’s turned to snow. I’m altogether not looking forward to […]

Read My Lips, No New Fart Apps

I took the plunge, bit the bullet, followed the crowd and clichéd all the clichés. I bought a Mac, specifically a MacBook Pro from Late 2008. I’ve already pre-emptively deleted a paragraph that sounded like gushing because I’m honestly very impressed with OS X, moreso than I expected to be. Anyway, the reason I’m writing […]

Pie to Finger Ratio

I thought it would help me focus if I wrote down all the web projects I’m working on now. Project Havana: Lot of work to go, got some pretty jQuery animations going on but very little content. Lot of data entry to go, but I feel like this project has the best odds of being […]

Time Management Fail

I should be getting ready for work right about now, but I feel like writing too. So writing wins for now. I’m getting myself psyched up for 2011 with plans and ideas for how I’m gonna keep things interesting for this Monday-Wednesday-Friday regularity of posting. My work schedule actually calls for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday […]

Polished Turds and Reinvented Wheels

I did a pretty major reskin of the blog, in anticipation of some upcoming projects. I liked the previous theme, don’t get me wrong, but it was difficult to work with and had some nasty bugs of it’s own. This one is simple and quite a pleasure to use so far. One thing I’ve come […]

Sounding The All Clear

Google has de-quarantined the site, and all should be well again.  Despite it, you should be watching for updates not on here, but on my newly relaunched thelegendofmax.net.  Gonna try to come up with some new ideas, and I do have another long-term project in brainstorming right now, and I’ll try and work on it […]

Live From The Bunker

I’m working with my guys at Dreamhost to resolve the recent attack and clean up all affected sites. For now if you see the Google warning, don’t visit as I’ll have them check it when we’re finished with cleanup. You may be wondering, then, why I’m writing this if nobody is supposed to see it […]

Niche Experiment Volume Two

Luckyscent is getting more business from me as I delve back into reviewing niche. Expect to see reviews for: Andy Tauer Lonestar Memories Andy Tauer Une Rose Chypree CdG Series 2 (Red): Sequoia CdG Series 3 (Incense): Avignon Domenico Caraceni 1913 Keiko Mecheri Bois de Santal L’Artisan Timbuktu Le Labo Rose 31 Mazzolari Lui Montale […]

Not dead. Not, in fact, deceased.

I’m alive, and in fact have been writing all this time, albeit in smaller, 140-character chunks on my Twitter account. So what happened after that fateful evening of March 15th? Well, an hour or two after writing that, I sent a message to a member on Basenotes named exquisitely_me, and the message said… “What’s new […]

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I've got far too many blogs, but this is the one closest to a diary. I choose to publish it to the public to hopefully reassure people that their struggles are normal and not even all that uncommon.


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