May 10, 2008

Dunhill Pursuit Revisited

By Daniel

My initial review of Dunhill Pursuit reads something like so:

This stuff is great. I got a spray on paper yesterday at Sephora and decided to leave with a 1mL sample spray of the stuff. Wore three sprays, one to the neck, one to the belly, one to the back of the wrist. The four notes that are standing out the most to me are lemon, incense, sandalwood and vetiver. A quick look at the directory confirms three of the four notes are indeed there, and the vetiver note I’m getting could be something else. Initially it’s a bright, orange and sandalwood-laden scent that’s a little too fresh for me. When it dries down, though, you get the most wonderful incense note, deep and smoky, sweet without being cloying. This interacts with the lush sandalwood wonderfully and you get what I find to be a unique incense. Combined with heat from the body you get a marvelous drydown, one of my favorites to date.

Sillage is fair to good, I did get a comment on it at work today. Longevity is good so far as I’m seven and a half hours into wearing it and most of the magic is still there.

What it reminds me of, and the SA agreed, was Terre d’Hermes, only a little stronger, deeper and maybe a bit sweeter in different ways. Where TdH has a note that conjures up images of a mouth-puckering sour lemon, Dunhill Pursuit offers oranges at an incense-smelling church. I like it, I like it more than TdH honestly.

This was the first Dunhill fragrance I’ve tried and I’m impressed thus far.

Now, since then I’ve bought a bottle and given it some more wears.  What I’m encountering is that the incense note that I initially really went for I’m now smelling as an overly synthetic bitter note.  I can read it as incense, or I can read it as synthetic.  I don’t know which note others will smell but it’s a slight cause for concern.  That aside it’s still really nice, it does amazing things when heated.  But I will say that this one is not going to be for everyone, despite esentially being citrus.  The added notes form a concoction that you’ll likely either love or hate.  Try to sample this one before buying, though it is decidedly on the inexpensive side.