September 13, 2008

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…

By Daniel

Alright I got about halfway done with the cleanup that I wanted to accomplish. The fragrance reviews are now all organized down the sidebar, and placeholders have been set for forthcoming reviews in both Niche Experiment One and the Bond No. 9 Marathon. Still to be done is a comprehensive set of tags, which will serve double duty for another forthcoming project. And of course I still have to write the reviews, I’ve still got 45 to be written just to get caught up, never mind the other little samples and the like I have that I wouldn’t mind sampling. The truth is a lot of them won’t be that bad as they’re ones I already have strong opinions on (Dirty English and Platinum Egoiste should be written very quickly for instance). All in all I’m okay with the stuff I accomplished on here today, slightly less so with my accomplishments here at home. Still a lot of stuff to be done (cleaning, chores etc.), and I’m hoping I can get it done tonight and tomorrow night.

EDIT: Ooh, also, my bottle of Palisander arrived today! It’s pretty damn tiny for a 75mL bottle. D: I’ll take their word for it though. Also the 2.5mL atomizers got here today, thanks Sally at Accessories for Fragrances. If you ever need decanting supplies she’s very highly recommended by not just me but many of the Basenotes crew.