December 27, 2011

Pie to Finger Ratio

By Daniel

I thought it would help me focus if I wrote down all the web projects I’m working on now.

Project Havana: Lot of work to go, got some pretty jQuery animations going on but very little content. Lot of data entry to go, but I feel like this project has the best odds of being monetizable. (Is that a word? It is now.) Day-to-day investment of time seems like it could be quite high for a while.

Project Xenon: Data entry’s done, and hell a lot of the code from Project FAST is reusable. jQTouch is still eluding me with regards to passing data across the POST in PHP and still getting those pretty animations. I need to buy that peepcode screencast and get it over with. If I had a week to knock this out it would be donezo. Not much oversight needed once the code is stable, especially when I’m not expecting much of an audience.

Ogre Game Labs: Pretty much from scratch. I think the stuff you learn from Project Havana will pay off here, because you’re gonna want that asynchronous data transfer. It’s a must, actually. So get Havana up and going, spread the word in the channels where you’ll get an instant audience. Then re-evaluate how much of this you can do. Day-to-day is a real wildcard, as is the eventual size of the audience. Main competitor is only about 5,000-6,000 registered users but up to 200 concurrent sessions. That’s serious stuff, but we’ve got a level of flexibility that they don’t. I think.

Ogre Lair: Operational. Needs customization and getting moved to the correct domain. I like that I’ll be able to hand the day-to-day of this one off.

Paid job for IPC: Mostly data entry and their calendar left.

Paid job for AUMC: Done? No callbacks so I think they’re done.

Paid job for NMBA: Just the one associates page left, knock that out and get it off the whiteboard.

Project CSA: Goodness this one is never gonna end. Downside of working with the end-user on a daily basis is the scope of work is always changing. Need to figure out a plan of attack, and where to start with the code. You have the existing WO tool done, maybe that can be retrofitted.

Eight balls to juggle at once is about all I can stand, I need to knock these out. Can we order them by ETA?
AUMC (done?)
NMBA (one page? come on)
Ogre Lair
Xenon (just in no rush to do this one)
Ogre Game Labs