April 14, 2016


By Daniel

It felt like a day for action. No reason not to get stuff done today. Turns out, we spent the day waiting on Nutanix to hit us with a fix for our license. They finally delivered 5 minutes before 5:00.

It turned into a day of meetings and planning. Not really what I was going for, but so it goes.

I did take the 9:00 train in to work because last night was one of the most historic nights in NBA history, saying goodbye to an all-timer and closing out a season for the ages. Sports historians will look back on the Warriors offense and conclude that Steph Curry facilitated a style of play as much as any one player has ever done so, outside of Shaq and Wilt.

I spent the morning ride collating and organizing data from a couple of surveys I did at the start of the season. Over/unders for wins and aggregated power rankings. Plenty of people will say the Bulls had the most disappointing season this year, but by the numbers, it’s the Pelicans by a huge margin. They ended up 17.5 games below their Vegas projection. The overachiever was, of course, Portland, at 17.5 games above their projection. And let’s be honest, they have the Clippers in the first round and I wouldn’t laugh you out of the room for saying Portland has a chance to win that series. C.J. McCollum has been a revelation, Damian Lillard is in the conversation for 3rd team All NBA, and the whole team is generally punching above their weight. Just the same, I really liked the makeup of last year’s team, it seemed like such a good blend of people with Batum, Lopez, Matthews, Lillard and Aldridge.

The Spurs ended up with the least lauded 67-win season of all time. 67 wins and you still don’t have the best record in the league? That’s some shit. There’s an interesting dyamic with the top 3 seeds in the West, sort of a rock-paper-scissors thing. The Thunder match up well against the Spurs, who match up well against the Warriors, who match up well against the Thunder. The Thunder simply can’t stand up and trade punches with the Warriors and hope to win.

Last night was also one of the most titanic choke acts in recent memory, with the Heat up 26 on the Celtics before losing and endangering their chance at the 3 seed. I didn’t get to watch it but I caught most of it on the radio. I’m wondering if there will be some mental baggage tied to that. I’m really hoping for Heat and Cavs in the East, and Spurs and Warriors in the West. It’s not even that outlandish. The Raptors have everything to prove in the first round against a Pacer team that’s better than their 45 wins indicate.

Don’t assume the 8th-seed Pistons will lay down for the Cavs, either. They’re ready for the fight. The future looks bright for these young teams, you know? Milwaukee, Detroit, and Minnesota all have promising rosters.

I’m so very ready for Friday. I don’t even have anything planned, I just feel a bit stressed, like I’m carrying a lot of tension in my head. Maybe I’m just squinting and need to start bringing my sunglasses.

I didn’t even bother bringing my e-cig with me to work today, and we’re about halfway into the timeframe where I’m concerned about any sort of repercussions.

I feel like time has been flying by in that little 2.5 hour window of time when I’m home after work. I’m kinda pissed about that, because I don’t know what to do to make it feel like more time. Start drinking?