April 11, 2016


By Daniel

If it could warm up just a bit more in the mornings I would be so happy. Like, another 5 degrees so I can skip the jacket? It’s ridiculous to have to bring a jacket home when it’s 81 degrees getting off the train.

I’ve had an odd sort of illness going on. A nice rattling cough, and what felt like asthma after playing some PIU yesterday. The interesting coincidence of it is that it’s coinciding with the last little push to drop vaping. I don’t know if it’s 1% or 100% responsible but I feel like there’s got to be an element of correlation.

Right now it’s been roughly 39 hours with no nicotine in the system. I know roughly what to expect here, it takes about 10 days to get completely out of the system and that for addicts, the worst of it comes over the next two days. I also know that since e-juice uses nicotine isolate rather than the compound that includes whole tobacco alkaloids, the MAOIs that trigger an addictive response are not present. And if there was a “worst of it” to get past, it’s laughably easier than smokers have it.

It’s one thing to have science on your side, and another to actually believe the science. I’ve secretly been dreading this transition even while knowing that it shouldn’t be a problem. And then halfway through Saturday, I just decided to switch to 0mg juice and that was that. I think part of what’s making it easier is that I’m not leaving myself with no options. I actually have my 6mg juice and tank in my coat pocket along with the 0mg juice and tank. It’s there if I decide it’s not going to work. I’d be more than a little disappointed in myself if that were to happen, though.

I’ve mentioned before, my new job just isn’t stressful enough to need nicotine. My last job? Absolutely, I was all the way up at 24mg. I cut it down to 18 and then 12 while I was there, then from 12 to 6 and now to 0 at the new job. I know they sell 3 and 1.5, and I considered them, but they don’t appear to be needed. The transition at this point has less to do with addiction or saving money than it does my distrust at the flavorings in use. Too many have come out as dangerous; diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl proponyl are known threats, I don’t want to get caught out with one of the unknown threats. It’s just not wise to continue.

About the worst thing to happen so far is a jittery feeling from around 16-24 hours in. Like I had too much energy. I tried to go burn it off at Dave & Busters who, by the way, have upped the charge for one fewer song since upgrading to PIU Prime! I damn near died after the first song, so the logical thing to do was to play 3 more. Man I was in pain. Really hurt to breathe. I think I’ve got some chest congestion. It’s not like quitting smoking where you’re going to cough up a bunch of tar and shit.

My systems guy for Windows is back today after almost two weeks, which is just as well because we’re moving offices today or tomorrow. Why we have to move right in the middle of Nutanix, I have no fucking clue. I’d really rather not. The people whose offices we’re taking would really rather not as well. Oh god, what happens to the coffee machine? Did anyone think of the coffee machine?

I will keep you posted on the coffee machine. It’s really important.

I threw down on some Skyrim over the weekend, enjoying my new gaming monitor. I found a guide for some graphical enhancement mods. It’s a little over the top sometimes but way better than stock. I spent most of the first day just fucking with mods which led to wanting another day this weekend. The next 3 day weekend isn’t until the end of May, by the way. And that sucks. Since Diana and I decided not to move forward with a house until November, it’s freed up my annual leave from what was originally going to be moving time and entertaining my dad while he’s in town. I might actually get to accumulate some leave now. Dope.