Gross Performance

This is the least sleep I’ve managed on a work day, while still making it to work, in quite a long time. Things didn’t really go according to plan for the most part. I did make a purchase last night, the Asus VG248QE gaming monitor. I’d been watching this growing arena of 144Hz monitors with some interest; I knew the science was there for a noticeable improvement over your standard 60Hz or 75Hz display.

Even knowing the science was there, I was not prepared for how dramatic a difference it would be with the right games. The big ones that let the GTX 970 show out was NBA 2K16 and X3: Albion Prelude. There’s a smoothness that I’ve quite literally never seen before in a PC game. And for all the shit people give these 144Hz displays for being washed-out looking, for a TN display it looks incredible even when making full use of the high refresh rate. My plan is to also get a 27-inch (60Hz) IPS display and see how I like it. I’m starting to think I might just want to get another of these, because at some point in the future I’ll have the desk space to run 3 of them and get that sweet triple-monitor gaming experience. It’s an enticing proposition.

DangItBobby was well-received, I do like the /r/sysadmin community and how it leans towards being helpful when it’s sensible to do so. A lot of places have the chance to be helpful and the culture of the place means it’s just shitposting instead.

I’m left with not much to do today, I need to do a little technical writing, some additional instructions to the end-users for something we rolled out. I think I’m going to write a soft-skills piece for and /r/sysadmin on using GTD.

Very gray looking day outside, really not helping with the drowsiness. Gonna do the best I can, here. I’m finishing up the business of tapering off the e-cig. I’ve got what I’d estimate to be 5mL of 6mg juice left, and just about everything after that is 0mg. Right now I’m replacing the habit with chewing gum, that’s about all it is at this point is a habit. I’m going from vaping at work to only doing it before, after, and at lunch. Honestly, it’s going fine. The job just isn’t that stressful, and it’s one more piece to a puzzle of self-improvement. I do have a bottle of last-resort juice that is truly shitty. If it comes to that, it’s not exactly leaving on good terms.

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