August 23, 2016

Single Entendre

By Daniel

So we came down on the side of taking the train. I had to admit that the stress incurred by driving was exceeding the enjoyment I was getting of being home a little earlier. And costs are in favor of the train, too.

This comes just as I’m starting to get creative urges again. I have one project I’ve committed to, getting a new website going for a childhood friend that’s become a popular stand-up comic. But that’s going to be a collection of off-the-shelf software, and I don’t see it being terribly involved in the long run.

I’m not sure what the project is going to be that wins the battle of attracting my interest. I think it’s going to be something with The SCP Wiki, but it’s not going to be Project Foundation, the name that was given to a full wheel reinvention of the website, all functionality. I indicated to them that I’m not willing to put in that much effort until they at least begin the process of incorporating, to reduce the liability I would have of being associated with it.

But there are other things that could be done that don’t involve the full commitment of that wheel reinvention. Honestly, I think it would be a wise mental separation to make this creative outlet something that is not tech-centric. I wrote a post back in April that laid out a plan for a new site, and that is the most intriguing thing to me at the moment. I like the name SCPrompt, as it works two ways. I think I’m going to pitch that to staff in a more concrete manner, and I can build up some of the infrastructure regardless. So there’s a bit of a tech element, but it’s largely peripheral to what the actual creative endeavor is.

On a related note, one of the technical staff wrote a pretty incredible program to save essentially all the information from a Wikidot site, which Wikidot itself doesn’t even fully allow for. This has some pretty major ramifications for the feasibility of an eventual migration. It’s one important piece accounted for, but there’s a ton of logistical ground to cover, and I don’t currently believe there’s enough discipline from the administration to do everything that will need to be done.

Over the long-term, there will probably be a successful implementation of Project Foundation, either through the Russians finishing their Starforge project or me finishing the Redpool project. The Russians and I have entirely different skillsets so it’s not really a waste to have both of us working in two different directions.

I think that is easily enough decided. Work on my friend’s new site in the short term, build up SCPrompt as a short-to-mid term thing, and if nothing happens with regards to incorporating, I might just do it my damn self.