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May 9, 2008

Blog Redesign = :D

I dunno, I’ve got dozens (hundreds?) of things I should be doing. Instead, I chose to make some mostly aesthetic changes to the blog. I know the majority of my readers are Facebookers: LOOK AT MY PRETTY BLOG. It’s pretty, etc. Thanks to Anthony at for the theme, though I may take some creative liberties with it. Added the plugin because I know you care about that sort of thing.

I direct that comment to empty space because I’m pretty sure that’s the entirety of my audience.… (More) “Blog Redesign = :D”

May 8, 2008

“Don’t Put That On Your Profile!”

I’ve had about five seconds of a song stuck in my head for the past week. That sucks in itself but I only really had the general gist of the song, as opposed to anything useful in tracking it down, like…lyrics. Yeah, that’d be handy. Finally, I tried to track it down in my head on the drive home and actually did come up with one line, “I look at the cross.” Before you think this is something unlike me (ie, Christian) I’ll say that this is in the bridge of the song, and it’s whispered, I mean the bridge is downright sexy, but there’s distorted guitar throughout most of the song. Turns out that one snippet was enough because Googling it turned up, amidst the Christian refuse, one page that says…

I look at the cross
Then I look away
I give you the gun
Blow me away

That was exactly what it was, all coming back to me now. The song in question is Change (In The House Of Flies) by the Deftones. Way, way too sexy for a track that is essentially metal.

I should mention the reason behind the title of this post is because I changed my facebook profile to reflect the song, so it reads “Daniel looks at the cross, then I look away. I give you the gun…blow me away.” Apparently that’s scary or something. *shrug*

Hi Facebookers. I know you get this via the feed. Sup.… (More) ““Don’t Put That On Your Profile!””