December 10, 2007

Howto: Get Shoutcast Working With Realtek HD Sound

By Daniel

In preparation for an upcoming potential internet radio gig I was getting my stuff configured on my development machine, when I realized there was no Stereo Mix, Wave Out, What U Hear, or anything of the sort on this machine. So, if you’re using Vista and have one of the newer HPs, Gateways, or Emachines, and are using the Realtek HD integrated card and drivers, here’s your fix.

1. Go to Control Panel -> Sound
2. Click the ‘Recording’ tab.
3. Right Click any of the items in the list, check “Show Disabled Devices”. Stereo Mix should appear.
4. Go to Stereo Mix -> Properties and enable it.
5. Set it as default.
6. Restart Winamp/Shoutcast.
7. Enjoy.

If this got you going feel free to comment.