September 9, 2008


By Daniel

In a stunning development, at least one of you doesn’t find me terrible. That person would be Elena of Bond No. 9, who sent me a press kit for their new creation, Lexington Avenue, as well as samples of about 13 other men’s offerings. So what you’re going to see is a mini-marathon of Bond No. 9 reviews. To be more precise, every other review for the next 28 reviews will be over a Bond No. 9 fragrance. The blog is getting a little unorganized so I will probably take some time tomorrow to reorganize things so there may be some design changes. I’ll also likely be taking the opportunity to update the WordPress core to the new 2.6.2.

More info to come tomorrow. I’ve also apparently lost two reviews from the niche experiment so I’ll be revisiting CdG Incense Kyoto and Straight to Heaven by Kilian.