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September 16, 2021

2 of 301: Circa 2006

Before we begin, a digression. (Normally you’ve got to actually start a conversation before you can digress, but I’m built different.)

It’s really strange having not really put any attention to this site for years at a time, that I could write a piece, come back in a week to write the next one, and suddenly I find that pieces of the past have come back to visit.… (More) “2 of 301: Circa 2006”

September 8, 2021

1 of 301: A day to relive

I’m going to try something. I picked up a few books about a week ago week ago to try and calm the chaos of my mind a little bit. One, oddly enough, is called Calm The Chaos. I also picked up Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You, and a Success Journal. I was talking about this with Diana, and I’ve talked about it here in the past as well, reaching out for self-help materials is a significant step for me, one that I’ve clearly wavered on in the last few years.

I bought a book that purports to teach me how to draw, probably the biggest and most senseless area of personal shame I’ve had for basically my whole life.

Another book that I picked up, not counting a beautiful but simple ruled journal, is 301 Writing Ideas. I still remember very strongly someone telling me, and I’ve mentioned this here before as well, that if I continued to write, it would justify their career as a writer. It’s hard to articulate how I feel about that.

But I can definitely write. So I’m going to be reading off the prompts and giving them a try to answer. I’m considering trying to do one a week, a task that would stretch this out to Wednesday, June 16th, 2027. Being able to see this out for 301 weeks would be, obviously, a commitment such as I’ve never managed before. You can’t know how it’ll go unless you try, right?

What is a day that you wish you could relive?

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