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September 13, 2008

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…

Alright I got about halfway done with the cleanup that I wanted to accomplish. The fragrance reviews are now all organized down the sidebar, and placeholders have been set for forthcoming reviews in both Niche Experiment One and the Bond No. 9 Marathon. Still to be done is a comprehensive set of tags, which will serve double duty for another forthcoming project. And of course I still have to write the reviews, I’ve still got 45 to be written just to get caught up, never mind the other little samples and the like I have that I wouldn’t mind sampling. The truth is a lot of them won’t be that bad as they’re ones I already have strong opinions on (Dirty English and Platinum Egoiste should be written very quickly for instance). All in all I’m okay with the stuff I accomplished on here today, slightly less so with my accomplishments here at home. Still a lot of stuff to be done (cleaning, chores etc.), and I’m hoping I can get it done tonight and tomorrow night.

EDIT: Ooh, also, my bottle of Palisander arrived today! It’s pretty damn tiny for a 75mL bottle. D: I’ll take their word for it though. Also the 2.5mL atomizers got here today, thanks Sally at Accessories for Fragrances. If you ever need decanting supplies she’s very highly recommended by not just me but many of the Basenotes crew.… (More) “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…”

September 11, 2008

Updates for 9/12

Well life’s weird. Starting Monday, ready or not, I’m working two jobs that stretch basically from 8 AM to 10 PM. The second job (working for a domain registrar) will look damn good on a resumé, nevermind the catch (the domain registrar is my landlord and I’m working from home). This means a lot to me, making all of this work. If I can do it, I may just be able to handle this “real life” thing. Of course that’s not terribly fair to myself, I’ve been doing alright before this, making the rent and whatnot. But there’s a lot of bills I’m still not paying, my dad’s doing a lot of it (car, car insurance, and phone namely). The car I could manage, the phone I could probably go prepaid on (though it would kill me), insurance I could probably cheap out on. So theoretically I could manage just fine.

What does this mean for the blog? Not much, the delay in content has less to do with real life and more to do with the fact that I’m waiting on some atomizers to get here so I can transfer the new Bond samples into spray bottles instead of vials. I also have some content to come for the website proper, which sadly you guys won’t be able to see as it’s for private use. :P

The re-design and WordPress upgrade are on hold while I look into some possible compatibility bugs, my comment spam eater (the amazing Spam Karma 2) averages 10 to 20 blocked comments daily and I don’t really want to lose that protection for an upgrade that extends me personally no extra functionality.

So there’s your status for the moment. Monday begins another chapter in my life, I should also have the atomizers by then … (More) “Updates for 9/12”

August 29, 2008

The Prophet Ice Cube

Today was a good day.

Okay no that’s all I’ve got in relation to Ice Cube. Today just went about as well as I could ever hope for a day to go. Woke up with no pain or stiffness in my ankle, got out of bed refreshed and sat in front of the new 32″ monitor (the computer hasn’t acted up in almost a week now), some Brian Eno playing as the creative juices stirred and I found myself completely caught up on my reviewing. Well, so I say, I’ve still got a bit over 30 reviews to go but I’m caught up in the niche experiment.

I’ve been in the process of trying to move up within the Office Depot company; it’s been unsuccessful but not for lack of effort. I’m currently in what’s considered a Level 1 position, and the next step up is (surprise) Level 2. One of the major conditions for working at the store I’m at currently is that I would be able to be promoted to this Level 2 position fairly quickly. Sure enough, about a month into my tenure there a spot opened up. I was told, yup, we’re all set, just gotta key you in for it. Fast forward to a week later. Nothing. Fast forward. Nothing, it never happened. The position simply isn’t there now, they chose not to fill it at all.

That wouldn’t have bothered me too much except that I was continually being led to believe that I was getting this position. If you’re not gonna do it, tell me you’re not gonna do it. Combine that with the fact that the manager in question is not what I consider a model leader (I’m wording this carefully), and it becomes pretty clear what my course of action was … (More) “The Prophet Ice Cube”

June 2, 2008

We Are Live

Hello from the Bernheim Mansion.  This place is sweet and I’ve just about got the apartment the way I want it.  Pics in a couple days.

Oh, and I can ride my bike to UofL, takes about 5 minutes.  I couldn’t find a parking space and walk from the lot that quick!… (More) “We Are Live”

May 30, 2008

An Exemplar of “zZz…”

It’s amazing how quickly 36 hours turns into 20 turns into 10, especially when there’s a lot of stuff to be done.  But against all odds, just about everything is loaded up.  I still have some boxing up to do, but the hard work is over.  For this half, anyway.  The other half starts in about 16 hours.  I imagine I will be amazed at how quick that arrives too.

But, among the things left to pack up is this computer, so I am unplugging.  The next blog entry will be from my new place in Louisville.

See you then.… (More) “An Exemplar of “zZz…””

May 29, 2008

Uneasy Rider

With less than 36 hours to the move I have to say…holy crap I still have a ton of stuff to do.

And I’m getting sick.

And I may or may not sleep tonight.

Or tomorrow night.… (More) “Uneasy Rider”

May 28, 2008

Wakeup Call

So things were going just a little too well as the days closed to the move.  I just hit a raccoon and my radiator appears to be shot, though it’s hard to tell with no light.  Taking it to the dealer tomorrow and hoping they can get it fixed Thursday or Friday at the latest.

This does put pretty much everything I’ve worked for over the past two months at risk.

*headdesk*… (More) “Wakeup Call”

May 24, 2008

Coming Clean

With six days to the move I find myself awake, after three hours of what would be best described as a full body shutdown.  The stress, the frantic running around, the bureaucratic shuffle with UofL, it all caught up with me today, during my last day of work at the Office Depot in Paducah.  I spent most of my day in a daze, wandering, thinking, feeling and shutting off conscious thought, to the point of stopping mid-sentence with customers a few times.

A week ago, I was thinking.  It was a driving, frenzied sort of train of thought that left sleep totally out of the equation.  So at 4 in the morning, I pour myself some coffee and sit down with the dogs, thinking about the future.

The conscious act of deciding what to do for the next 20 to 30 years is massive.  To ponder that act is itself even more terrifying.

Computer Engineering and Computer Science.  That’s what it says on my transcript.  A field I couldn’t honestly tell you why I selected.  Actually that’s a lie, I know exactly why:  Money.  Prestige, comfort, security.  Materialism.  While I consider myself something of an expert with these machines I have no aspiration to shepherd a farm of servers for the rest of my life.  Nor do I, if I am honest with myself, want to be a database administrator.  I picked Oracle because it was the richest database to master.  Though some of you wouldn’t expect it of me, my favorite thing to do with these things is design things.  Not even cool stuff like models, but flyers and advertisements and stuff.  Graphic Design is even a little too binding a term because I’m not much of an artist, but the act (the art?) of laying out an ad … (More) “Coming Clean”