April 5, 2008

Crysis on a new Vista install.

By Daniel

joeitalo writes that after reinstalling Windows Vista, the system’s performance of the video game Crysis became significantly worse. After checking that it wasn’t a DirectX issue (always checkable by hitting Win+R and typing in “dxdiag”) he realized that he was running an antivirus, and temporarily turning it off restored the performance of the machine.

That’s essential in resource-intensive games like Crysis, you want the system to be doing as little else as possible. Check your system tray, close everything that isn’t absolutely essential. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and start the Task Manager, and terminate any non-essential processes. After doing this your CPU Usage should be sitting at 0%. It can always be a graphics problem as well; Crysis makes most gaming rigs cry. Try stepping down the resolution, then stepping down Anti-Aliasing, then stepping down detail settings until you find something usable.