February 2, 2009


For those that get my feed via Facebook, be sure and check out the new look at the blog.  I’ll make to attempt to claim I somehow designed this, but the dark, brooding blue was a bit much and honestly I always thought it was, I just didn’t have anything I liked better.  I like this look better.  Maybe it’ll even get me posting regularly again.… (More) “Redesign”

September 13, 2008

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…

Alright I got about halfway done with the cleanup that I wanted to accomplish. The fragrance reviews are now all organized down the sidebar, and placeholders have been set for forthcoming reviews in both Niche Experiment One and the Bond No. 9 Marathon. Still to be done is a comprehensive set of tags, which will serve double duty for another forthcoming project. And of course I still have to write the reviews, I’ve still got 45 to be written just to get caught up, never mind the other little samples and the like I have that I wouldn’t mind sampling. The truth is a lot of them won’t be that bad as they’re ones I already have strong opinions on (Dirty English and Platinum Egoiste should be written very quickly for instance). All in all I’m okay with the stuff I accomplished on here today, slightly less so with my accomplishments here at home. Still a lot of stuff to be done (cleaning, chores etc.), and I’m hoping I can get it done tonight and tomorrow night.

EDIT: Ooh, also, my bottle of Palisander arrived today! It’s pretty damn tiny for a 75mL bottle. D: I’ll take their word for it though. Also the 2.5mL atomizers got here today, thanks Sally at Accessories for Fragrances. If you ever need decanting supplies she’s very highly recommended by not just me but many of the Basenotes crew.… (More) “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…”

September 11, 2008

Updates for 9/12

Well life’s weird. Starting Monday, ready or not, I’m working two jobs that stretch basically from 8 AM to 10 PM. The second job (working for a domain registrar) will look damn good on a resumé, nevermind the catch (the domain registrar is my landlord and I’m working from home). This means a lot to me, making all of this work. If I can do it, I may just be able to handle this “real life” thing. Of course that’s not terribly fair to myself, I’ve been doing alright before this, making the rent and whatnot. But there’s a lot of bills I’m still not paying, my dad’s doing a lot of it (car, car insurance, and phone namely). The car I could manage, the phone I could probably go prepaid on (though it would kill me), insurance I could probably cheap out on. So theoretically I could manage just fine.

What does this mean for the blog? Not much, the delay in content has less to do with real life and more to do with the fact that I’m waiting on some atomizers to get here so I can transfer the new Bond samples into spray bottles instead of vials. I also have some content to come for the website proper, which sadly you guys won’t be able to see as it’s for private use. :P

The re-design and WordPress upgrade are on hold while I look into some possible compatibility bugs, my comment spam eater (the amazing Spam Karma 2) averages 10 to 20 blocked comments daily and I don’t really want to lose that protection for an upgrade that extends me personally no extra functionality.

So there’s your status for the moment. Monday begins another chapter in my life, I should also have the atomizers by then … (More) “Updates for 9/12”

September 9, 2008


In a stunning development, at least one of you doesn’t find me terrible. That person would be Elena of Bond No. 9, who sent me a press kit for their new creation, Lexington Avenue, as well as samples of about 13 other men’s offerings. So what you’re going to see is a mini-marathon of Bond No. 9 reviews. To be more precise, every other review for the next 28 reviews will be over a Bond No. 9 fragrance. The blog is getting a little unorganized so I will probably take some time tomorrow to reorganize things so there may be some design changes. I’ll also likely be taking the opportunity to update the WordPress core to the new 2.6.2.

More info to come tomorrow. I’ve also apparently lost two reviews from the niche experiment so I’ll be revisiting CdG Incense Kyoto and Straight to Heaven by Kilian.… (More) “Floodgates”

May 9, 2008

Blog Redesign = :D

I dunno, I’ve got dozens (hundreds?) of things I should be doing. Instead, I chose to make some mostly aesthetic changes to the blog. I know the majority of my readers are Facebookers: LOOK AT MY PRETTY BLOG. It’s pretty, etc. Thanks to Anthony at for the theme, though I may take some creative liberties with it. Added the plugin because I know you care about that sort of thing.

I direct that comment to empty space because I’m pretty sure that’s the entirety of my audience.… (More) “Blog Redesign = :D”